Follow up of the activities

Our working methodology consists on the follow up of the most representative activities that we develop to achieve the objectives and which summarized are:

Previous to the execution of the building works:
  • Assist to the meetings with the architect and the promoter, collaborate in the drafting of the project and advise on its feasibility regarding the quality and the impact on the cost, carrying out quick studies of costs with alternative solutions and advising on the economical and technical aspects of those solutions.
  • Prepare and fill in all the documents and orders needed for requesting the offers, (measurements to value, planning, etc.) making comparatives of the offers received and collaborating in the draw up of the contract and the awarding of the works.

During the execution and finishing of the building works:
  • Coordination of the Constructor, Industrialist and Facultative Direction of the works for the fulfilling of a planning, checking and conforming the certifications according to the clauses of the contracts, giving advise in case of contradictory prices, controlling economically the variants which can appear, undertaking a count of additions and/or deductions and informing about the deviations of the final cost, all this by means of monthly reports.
  • Coordination and processing for the jobs of reception of the building works, fine tunings and legalization of the building.

BAM 7 Tècnics

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